TalktoSonic – After completing the survey, you can receive a validation code or a Sonic Drive-In voucher. This ticket can be used at any nearby Sonic restaurant to receive complimentary appetizers or drinks. You may see your incentive on the receipt.

Take Sonic Survey


Take Sonic Survey

TalkToSonic Survey Winners

In return for completing the TalktoSonic survey, Sonic Drive-In is going to give you the opportunity to take part in an autonomous Highway 44 installation. This is a tactic to quench your thirst that is undeserved.

You will receive clearance legislation upon completion of the survey, which you can utilize to have restrictions removed during your subsequent visit to Sonic.

Take Sonic Survey

Get input from clients about their experiences using Sonic to feed their wits is the aim of the TalktoSonic survey. Your viewpoints and suggestions could help the company enhance customer loyalty, supplier quality, and management effectiveness.

You may take part in the survey online from the convenience of your own home or place of business. You may complete it whenever it’s convenient for you, and it only takes a little time and effort.

You will be able to enter the sweepstakes and potentially win up to $1,000 in cash rewards if you participate in the TalktoSonic survey.

Take Sonic Survey

What Kind of Prizes Does the TalkToSonic Survey Sweepstakes Offer?

You will receive a complimentary beverage at Sonic on your next visit in return for taking part in a quick two-minute feedback survey. Purchasing it at the Sonic Drive-in shop is the first step towards obtaining a valid Sonic purchase receipt. You’ll then be able to tell us about your most recent Sonic Drive-In experience.

Take Sonic Survey

You must to be aware that completing the survey is a prerequisite for receiving the complimentary coupon. It should be obvious to express this. Participation in and completion of the Sonic satisfaction survey is likely to qualify participants for the Sonic rewards, which include a complimentary Sonic Route 44 Drink.

Please take notice of the Route 44 drink voucher code that is printed on your receipt. Each time you spend a voucher, you are only qualified for a single reward.

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